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  1. Mag neto

    Mag neto14 minuter sedan

    Not good looking bikes.

  2. Dr. Vivek

    Dr. Vivek34 minuter sedan

    The moment he says boring machine 5:50 instead of company, elons face is gold😂

  3. Elias Salcedo

    Elias Salcedo34 minuter sedan

    That was then, this is now. Guiliani needs money and sold to Trump.

  4. John Dorsey

    John Dorsey39 minuter sedan

    He was scared to death of his driving, he up on reason for the oh s*** handle, he couldn't stay in the lines at all. He didn't look drunk, he didn't look like he was high off weed, but he kind of did look like he might have had a few too many pills I'm just saying.

  5. Diamond Standard

    Diamond Standard48 minuter sedan

    Smart man 5:03

  6. Diamond Standard

    Diamond Standard52 minuter sedan

    MAGA @ 2:57

  7. Paul Markel

    Paul Markel57 minuter sedan

    God bless you Jay Leno.

  8. Eric Mesick

    Eric Mesick58 minuter sedan

    After taxes, he got $2.25

  9. MotoknivesandgunsbyJT

    MotoknivesandgunsbyJTTimme sedan

    Keanu...why did you pick the Yamaha for your bike scene in Wick?

  10. DetroitMicroSound

    DetroitMicroSoundTimme sedan

    Gotta be honest- Not a fan of any of the bike's back end.

  11. Mike Love

    Mike LoveTimme sedan

    Someday I see Keanu being like Jay and having a collection of hundreds of bikes, and maybe a few cars....

  12. Mahiya Jesi

    Mahiya JesiTimme sedan

    Jay Leno is so rich he doesn't even need to open his eyes anymore.

  13. 71three5oh Scrambler

    71three5oh ScramblerTimme sedan

    Oh well. I still have my little CL350.

  14. No Yes

    No YesTimme sedan

    What a cool job for the 5

  15. Eric Swells

    Eric Swells2 timmar sedan

    ....but they're ugly

  16. James Stunter

    James Stunter2 timmar sedan

    Is it me or did it seem like Jay Leno was acting kinda funny towards Reeves?

  17. Andrew Ralston

    Andrew Ralston2 timmar sedan

    Also I bought natural alexandrite cats eye in a gem identification report any ideas wot a might get for it or think am best keeping it another AV got the drive and av got a great eye just hope a can prove this to u Mr graft sir

  18. Samuel White

    Samuel White2 timmar sedan

    middle eastern people just want gas stations and food stores.

  19. Andrew Ralston

    Andrew Ralston2 timmar sedan

    Sorry cut off press wrong weight 19.20 gram but a got from eBay so they try make links look bigger but Wight still there AV got the two tone ( Gucci ) link braclet all solid gold it wights 12 g but sold also my pinky ring 18 k .25 pointer si lol Vs lol vvs 🤣🤣🤣 if best stone AV had it's like glass my others one had a Karat reason a spent the ps on it it's all beget cut unusual that's wot I ware

  20. Lily Butler

    Lily Butler2 timmar sedan

    God that man is delicious.

  21. Mindful Observer

    Mindful Observer2 timmar sedan

    ...I m happy Jay is exploring the things that help him live a meaningful life. What is he doing to care for the earth and all beings? He's funny. He owns a million things. He know's cool people. Something feels hollow...

  22. Andrew Ralston

    Andrew Ralston2 timmar sedan

    Mr graft a hope u really think about this am a proper guy but I also have the passion u say uv had Ur hole life just like myself and it would be a dream come true just to shadow u for a week or two to watch an artist at work and hopefully pick a fraction of how u opprate at that level am 36 ov been crazy for jewelry my hole in the ninteys there was a magizen called tresures of the earth they would give u an ruby amethyst etc with every copy AV got some big boy stuff now since then AV got a tag aquaracer silver bezel got a (Gucci links ) sold 14 k

  23. Scott Mallett

    Scott Mallett3 timmar sedan

    It may have just been me, but Jay seemed kind of a jerk in this one.

  24. Jeb Allen

    Jeb Allen3 timmar sedan

    SEE RANK Donald Osborne should be the new Jeopardy host.

  25. BigMikesMeatpipe

    BigMikesMeatpipe3 timmar sedan

    Trump and Rudy will go down in history as the 2 who saved America from communism. God truely blessed America with both of them. TRUMP 2020

  26. capsman09

    capsman093 timmar sedan

    Reminds me of LIDS and their Embrodiary machine.

  27. Tony The best of all

    Tony The best of all3 timmar sedan

    one day

  28. Jake Allen

    Jake Allen3 timmar sedan

    AOC hates that, she wants to turn the US into a socialist state...

  29. VarinderSidhu ROMANS6

    VarinderSidhu ROMANS63 timmar sedan

    Socialist be like , he should share his wealth with use. Its unfair.

  30. Don Juan150

    Don Juan1503 timmar sedan

    Keanu please buy a real helmet with full face protection.....

  31. VarinderSidhu ROMANS6

    VarinderSidhu ROMANS63 timmar sedan

    Only in 25 years!! He worked hard. Hats off.

  32. CreamnCoffee2

    CreamnCoffee23 timmar sedan

    " this is a pick up truck" " it's bullet proof " " you can mount missile launchers on it if you want " Oh I see Elon... trying to get that Toyota market. The same dude who tried to buy a nuclear missile to help SpaceX .

  33. brandon hutton

    brandon hutton3 timmar sedan

    Keanu is 56 years old, just if anyone was curious!

  34. Farhad Azizi

    Farhad Azizi3 timmar sedan

    I love watching the two of these guys talking bikes. Both are very cool guys with great hearts too.

  35. Duncan Vincent

    Duncan Vincent3 timmar sedan

    My relatives made a great bike.

  36. Greylin91

    Greylin914 timmar sedan

    keanu has a gamer neck affliction

  37. Will Speakman

    Will Speakman4 timmar sedan

    Yo Mr leno thanks for getting 650ib on.

  38. Kashmeer Savani

    Kashmeer Savani4 timmar sedan

    I love Kevin Trudeau

  39. Archie Mcaffer

    Archie Mcaffer4 timmar sedan

    Great name for a bike company 😎🇨🇦

  40. Chrizz The Beast

    Chrizz The Beast4 timmar sedan

    If you care about the homeless you need to support or share this ❤️ god bless you all 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿💕

  41. Don Turco

    Don Turco5 timmar sedan

    I don't Know about Bikes but I do know a Nice piece of art when I see it. Great JOb Guys.

  42. Slate

    Slate5 timmar sedan

    Jay you are a national treasure, please never change.

  43. Joe Bryant

    Joe Bryant5 timmar sedan

    More in common than you think. Both men are half British--their mothers were born in the UK. Probably where their shared love of many British things comes from.

  44. Silva Sly

    Silva Sly5 timmar sedan

    Even before this video was changed to "Rented" mansion, the minute he mentioned (3:16) he nearly had half a billion Instagram followers in one week, I knew this guy was all talk...and if he's all talk, things aren't always what they seem. I'm surprised Kevin didn't burst out laughing at that ridiculous statement...heck, The Rock is now the most followed IG personality, and he's at the 200M+ level.

  45. Kathy Shelton

    Kathy Shelton5 timmar sedan

    No no NO!!!!!! You should have revealed what those cases had in them after the deal!!!

  46. Anthony Forti

    Anthony Forti5 timmar sedan

    Elon owns the truck and the tunnel if he says "Go ahead and drive it through the tunnel" who's gonna stop you?

  47. preto shohmoofc guy

    preto shohmoofc guy5 timmar sedan

    Fun fact for Keanu Reeves. Arch'e in Greek not only means "head of", but also "Ruler" and ancient but it is translated as "Beginning". This is where we get the English words "Arch Bishop (leader of the Bishops) ; Architect (head of a design team.); Arch enemy. (Number one enemy of Superman was Lex Luthor.) Archaeology (ancient word),

  48. Ben Hayat

    Ben Hayat6 timmar sedan

    Hard to find people like Jay Leno anymore. I've never seen a video of J.L. that I was disappointed.

  49. trail riding

    trail riding6 timmar sedan

    I want to personally thank you for paying extra taxes so I can have free health insurance. Biden 2024

  50. corvettez06usa

    corvettez06usa6 timmar sedan

    All the cuts and cutesy effects are tiring. I would like to see these two on Leno's separate SEtoos channel where it's more long form discussion.

  51. zigarten

    zigarten6 timmar sedan

    Duke caboom now makes total sense to me

  52. sgbobsg

    sgbobsg6 timmar sedan

    Bikes and aircraft are where it's at. 🤙

  53. Davinder Singh Brar

    Davinder Singh Brar6 timmar sedan

    The hardest part was design of this car....

  54. JV8 Studios

    JV8 Studios6 timmar sedan

    Elon knows something we don't!

  55. Brian Toblerone

    Brian Toblerone6 timmar sedan

    Jay looks like W.C fields doing a quarter mile........ Heavens to Murgatroyd

  56. Lyme_pithgypsy

    Lyme_pithgypsy6 timmar sedan


  57. Awake

    Awake6 timmar sedan

    Who else felt this was a B- grade acting?

  58. bitebetsy

    bitebetsy7 timmar sedan

    Living your dream means dying is easier, & more worth the ride from one realm to the next!!!

  59. fobkettler6

    fobkettler67 timmar sedan

    Donald would absolutely destroy my ‘07 Mercedes E350... I have 215,000 miles and it has survived being flooded in New Orleans, hit a deer in Texas, and been driving by myself and my brother when we first got our licenses... still my baby tho!

  60. Oflow Show

    Oflow Show7 timmar sedan

    We Live in an interesting world!!!

  61. Oflow Show

    Oflow Show7 timmar sedan

    Business As Usual!!!

  62. Bae Mgee

    Bae Mgee7 timmar sedan

    Wow so embarrassing. My god.

  63. Bae Mgee

    Bae Mgee7 timmar sedan

    Idiots. So embarrassing

  64. Karl Andersen

    Karl Andersen8 timmar sedan


  65. Kamalakar Kale

    Kamalakar Kale8 timmar sedan

    She wanted to die slowly everyday rather than face the reality. When she did that neck exercises it tells how insecure she feels when she realized she's not competent to run the business.

  66. new republican

    new republican8 timmar sedan

    Biden should be the next big star on american greed. That pos is one of the most corrupt presidential candidate of my generation.

  67. Luna Plateada

    Luna Plateada8 timmar sedan

    I love you Keanu Reeves..

  68. Stoka

    Stoka8 timmar sedan

    Imagine having to like that. I would rather be poor.

  69. Dr Seuss Leafy

    Dr Seuss Leafy9 timmar sedan

    Nobody: Keanu Reeves: GOOD MORNING!!!

  70. Kenny Dave

    Kenny Dave9 timmar sedan

    Jay (pan head) Leno

  71. BBWulf

    BBWulf9 timmar sedan

    I'd give my Left Nut to have one. Well maybe not but I would love to own one but I can't afford one ;)

  72. kevorkian383

    kevorkian3839 timmar sedan

    If I could afford it I would definitely buy it from a great human being like Keanu.

  73. Psychological Nudity

    Psychological Nudity9 timmar sedan

    The Hollywood elite got rid of Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, Because he is a straight shooter, class act, non-politically correct, true man & entertainer.